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Our team is a team of finders, not researchers.

We have created a team of finders for the industrial world. The research phase is only a small part of our business. We specialized in the industrial world. Personality of researcher but especially of manufacturer. When the exact formula is found and validated by you it will not be returned to us. When something is in order, we are the guarantors of your production and the respect of the expectations of your customers.


Save your time in innovation

Some “possible” solutions may be attractive at first. We tried a lot. We learned a lot. Our long history of research in industry (and our research journals) allow us to avoid many false hits that we have already tried for you and that will never work. Ask us your questions. We are here to simplify your life and save you time.

Keeping your formulas approved, our constant problem

When a formula is validated in your process, we respect it for you. It will not return to us anymore. We have a whole internal process dedicated to the exact compliance with your specifications.

Knowledge of the industrial environment - guides you in your processes.

We are familiar with the world of production and the industrial world. These are the roots of our company. Our technicians are there to guide you in the maintenance of your process.

The coacervation complex and your requirements

We have developed this technology to the point (it is formaldehyde free). We push the boundaries of encapsulation in many areas. Our products regularly multiply the standard results of microencapsulation. Ask us your questions.


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Our team is a team of finders, not searchers.

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5 reasons to choose MCT

We do not make other things than encapsulation.
We can offer a great expertise but also a real responsiveness because of our size.
We have a very good knowledge of complex coacervation, used in phytosanitary products where the natural origin of polymers is essential.
We have developed a specific adaptable silicone/organic technology to meet multiple needs, including “formaldehyde free”, in the field of detergents and other products.
The particle diameter can be set from 1μ to 50μ and more, depending on the technology used.


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Laundry detergent
Cleaning wipes
Food supplements
Carbonless paper
Tights with slimming product
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All you need to know about microencapsulation

A monomer is a small molecule that reacts with itself or another product to combine with it and thus form a very large molecule called polymer (a plastic material, such as cyanoacrylate superglue)

Polymers are large molecules that belong to 2 categories The first is linear, it becomes softened when the temperature increases, it is called the thermoplastics. The second is three-dimensional, it is called thermosets, the polymers used by our company are part of it. They are highly crosslinked polymers, it means, which form a very narrow three-dimensional network and therefore their properties depend a bit on a temperature.

PH is a number that represents the acidity of the environment in which it is measured (or its opposite, basicity). The water is neutral, its pH is 7. The PH higher than 7 are basic like the cement which is at a ph of about 12. The ph lower than 7 are acid, below 4.5 we consider that the compositions are aggressive to the skin. The microcapsules manufactured by our Company all have a PH> 5.5.

An ingredient is hydrophilic when it “likes” water. This can go as far as a complete solubilization of the ingredient in water as is the case of alcohols and glycols of a low molecular weight. An ingredient is on the contrary lipophilic when it “likes” the oils, which can go up to a complete solubility in this substance. This is the case for all fats. Perfumes are naturally lipophilic, they can become hydrophilic when mixed with low molecular weight glycols or surfactants.

This is the most common case. The fatty phase is dispersed in water; the drops obtained are then surrounded by a polymer.

It is possible, Microcapsules-technologies possesses this knowledge. The use of this technology is limited by the fact that the continuous phase is oily and therefore difficult to eliminate.