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We are only encapsulating. Our research focuses only on this subject.
Our research papers have allowed us to focus on the methods that work. Example of such a process that we have developed from 756 tests.
We are specialists in tissues perfumery.

Research: a quarter of the staff are dedicated to research in our Company, which ensures its internal development.

Every day we schedule a series of tests to evolve our knowledge base.

Our capsules have a unique and high performance hooking system that is suitable for use related to the electric charge of the capsule and its polarity. Our research has allowed us to have several systems adapted to several environments of specific use.

Operational research on microencapsulation

Our team is a team of finders, not researchers.

  • If you want a search that leads to usable results we can meet and especially make a proposal to the result.
  • We can also assure you all the necessary manufacturing considering our facilities.
  • We are not from the world of research but from the world of industry. We never had a choice to fail.
  • We do not do research we do discovery.
Microencapsulation By Coacervation

Microcapsules obtained from gelatin and carboxymethylcellulose

Microencapsulation by Interfacial Polymerization

Microcapsules with enhanced tightness obtained by polymerization

In Situ Micro Polymerization Microencapsulation

Watertight microcapsules with reinforced insulation of the encapsulated asset

Silicone and Aminoplast Double Wall Microcapsules

Exclusive ultra-strong double-sided microcapsules

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