Microencapsulation for a hypoallergenic fabric softener

  • The microcapsules present in fabric softeners is able to release the active ingredient by mechanical breakage, essentially obtained by friction or permeation, but before this, they have the advantage of protecting the active ingredient and making it hypoallergenic.
    In 2012, we began adapting our microencapsulation formulas for use in softening products.
  • Our research is based, inter alia, on the ageing of the fragrance we incorporate. We mainly take advantage of the properties of melamine and silicone for these laundry applications, which gives more than satisfactory results.
  • We subsequently improved this process through our polymerization research. These led us to double-walled microcapsules, which have great trapping and fragrance-preserving characteristics; a technology that we have therefore patented.
  • Lastly, the production of so-called microcapsules with improved affinity to textiles has made it possible to limit the quantity of fragrance used in these products.
  • The fragrance content of these microcapsules is high, which is very satisfying for our customers in the detergent industry, thus reducing the production cost of the finished product.
  • We are therefore modifying our formulas to adapt them as best as possible to the demands of our customers in the detergent industry, with properties that meet their requirements, while at the same time moving towards more natural products.

Development of natural microcapsules for insertion of hypoallergenic properties

In our research, we strive to truly reduce the allergens that may be present in the fragrance we use to make these microcapsules used in liquid softeners.

The use of hypoallergenic substances in the encapsulation of fabric softeners

  • Not only do our microcapsules in liquid fabric softeners contain a combination of hypoallergenic active ingredients, but we also add our biodegradable formula, in order to be environmentally friendly and meet the demands of customers who are increasingly attracted by this last feature. The whole has an excellent skin tolerance, but also prolongs the effect of the fragrance composition thanks to the various technologies used.
  • This specificity of microencapsulation has been specially developed in our laboratories in order to respect sensitive skins which can sometimes react when the fragrances are released, as these fragrances can be the cause of various allergies.
  • Our technology in the area of hypoallergenic microcapsule has been tested and approved by our customers, and the result is a fragrance that lasts longer and also promises an environmental and healthy alternative to more traditional technologies as it offers the most natural solution possible.
  • The compounds present in the microcapsules that we manufacture are therefore able to minimise the risk of allergies in the use of laundry products.