Since its creation, MCT has been manufacturing microcapsules of the melamine type containing perfumes and essential oils for the textile industry, as well as cationic gelatin microcapsules for the purposes of the “cosmeto-textile”.
The important breakthrough recently made in encapsulations for the cosmetics industry have led to the development of functionalised silicone microcapsules (patent pending) specially adapted to “cosmeto-textiles” by their chemical nature perfectly neutral to skin.

The cationic microcapsules (SK) are distinguished by an excellent affinity for textile fibers, making it possible to obtain rates of fixation that are close to 100% and good resistance to washing.
Binders are proposed to further increase this resistance in the case of higher requirements.
. IS and ISK types allow the attachment of aqueous active ingredients to textiles.

We have developed with our partners in the cosmetics industry a range of microcapsules for textile use, containing active ingredients created for tights, panties, socks and underwear, the effectiveness of which is proven by tests carried out according to strict protocols in the rules of art.
We also encapsulate the assets on demand of our clients.