Rights of Use, Sale of Licenses: Provision of Know-How On Microencapsulation

In this case, we may grant licenses or sell patent utilization rights. Of course, we can offer technicians with the necessary knowledge to ensure your production lines’ success.

We will gladly deal with this kind of process provide these productions do not compete directly with ours.

Our knowledge spans numerous processes, which are specifically adapted to each use and covered by general patents.

Know-How Transfer in Microencapsulation

Know-how is paramount to our approach and can also be transferred to another company as required.

The Transfer of Skills for Factories Specialized in Microencapsulation for Particular Uses.

Our team is developing complete methodological transfers for highly specialized productions that require advanced skills and complex methodological transfers.

In this capacity, we have launched many factories in numerous countries.

Discover all our application areas of microencapsulation