A modified process for the creation of hypoallergenic detergents

  • It is our priority to reduce allergens in detergent products. We have therefore modified our formulas to meet the demands of our increasingly demanding customers on this point, based on cutting-edge technologies that we master in microcapsules.
  • The natural products we use are intended to reduce or even eliminate various allergies. These products enable us to introduce a new concept of detergent products for people with fragile skin.

Ageing of fragrances in laundry detergents

  • Our research on hypoallergenic liquid detergents has led us to study the ageing of fragrances, as they are likely to generate undesirable substances that can be aggressive to the skin.
  • We have therefore profoundly modified the formulas so they correspond to the expectations and specifications of our customers in the detergent industry.
  • Thanks to these modifications, we have also obtained a better optimisation of the biodegradability of the microcapsules.
  • Our formulas contain a majority of natural products to meet the standards of the increasingly stringent European legislation.
  • The safety data sheets that have been drawn up clearly show this trend towards less aggressive natural products.
  • The microcapsules we are currently producing have a more concentrated fragrance content while remaining hypoallergenic. They have an improved yield, in particular thanks to specific polymers that allow a good cling to the linen, all of which allows a very good stabilisation of the fragrance until its release.
  • Enhancing biodegradability to favour a hypoallergenic detergent


  • All our processes in the area of hypoallergenic liquid detergents are carried out with one goal in mind: to greatly reduce the allergies that may be present when these products are not encapsulated.
  • We are now developing environmentally friendly alternatives with our technologies to protect our customers and meet their expectations.
  • Our mastery in microencapsulation enables us to highlight these protective polymers by their hypoallergenic action, while keeping the fragrant scent released from the clothes once they have been washed.
  • The substance used to combat allergies, generally due to the encapsulated fragrance, will coat the allergen molecules to significantly and effectively reduce their influence.
  • We use our research into microcapsule biodegradability to highlight this protective property, also using natural ingredients instead of synthetic fragrances, which can cause an adverse reaction on the skin.
  • Toxicity will therefore be minimised during the microencapsulation process of the active ingredients.
  • Even though our applications remain natural, it is important to formulate microcapsules with as few ingredients as possible, by replacing the fragrances usually used with more natural essential oils. The risk is still present, but it is mitigated by the hypoallergenic microencapsulation. Microencapsulation will therefore be a method of choice for obtaining skin-neutral properties when washing with hypoallergenic detergents.