The MCT innovation

In 2005, with the help of ANVAR, I managed to develop silicone capsules that can be used to encapsulate UV filters. These microcapsules have also found applications in cosmeto-textile. They are formaldehyde-free.

In 2010, we started to develop double-side microcapsules: silicone and aminoplast. These microcapsules, still being improved, are currently sold for detergents, such as fabric softeners and powder detergents, where they show an excellent aging.

Our latest development of these microcapsules concerns liquid detergents and shampoos where aging in surfactants have been significantly improved.

Gérard Habar

Founder of MCT

Presentation of Micro Caps Technology

An impressive legacy: 20 years of experience in research and development, manufacturing and quality control in the carbonless paper industry.
From the industrial: monthly exports worldwide of more than 100 tons of microcapsules!

Created in 1999, MicroCapsules-Technologies has adapted these well-controlled technologies to its markets and thus has two high-performance traditional processes developed in other places by the current team for the encapsulation of lipophilic products.

We have other confidential development centers. You can contact us to submit your specific needs.

Our expertise

Microencapsulation - 20 ans
Industrie papetière - 15 ans
Recherche médiatique - 8 ans
Données marketing - 7 ans
Happy Clients
Successful Cases

History of Micro Caps Technology

1999: Creation of Micro Capsules Technologies

2005: development of formaldehyde-free microcapsules with the assistance of ANVAR

2010: Development of double-sided microcapsules: silicone and aminoplast

2011: Construction of our new factory

2012: Launch of MT microcapsules for fabric softeners

2015: Installation of the process boiler for the laundry markets

2017: Lab extension and Atex room

And it continues…

Research and production


We have a well-equipped research and development laboratory to study the demands of our customers in the most diverse applications :

  • Research and Development Laboratory
  • Analysis laboratory, equipped with a microscope with a digital camera and a modern laser diffraction particle counter
  • Application laboratory for the development of formulas or processes using microcapsules in close contact with customers.
  • Pilot dryer allowing small productions of microcapsules powder
  • Contract research


Modern, it was built in an industrial area. It is located in Loiret, the “cosmetic valley”.
It is organized according to the rules of good practice of the cosmetic industry. It includes four production units with a total monthly capacity of 20 tones, which allows a specialization of installed equipment.

Production capacity

  • Fabrications in the laboratory from 250 ml to 10 kg
  • Industrial production from 30 kg to several tons

MicroCapsules-Technologies has so far an industrial unit capable to respond to the most ambitious projects using micro-encapsulation.

Our installation