Patented double-sided silicone and aminoplast microencapsulation

Silicone: The carbon that is in all polymers is replaced by silicon. This silicone represents more than 60% of the total polymer.
A polymer is a plastics material.
We use a plastic material that contains silicon in place of carbon.

This brings a resistance to the surfactant superior to the usual polymer.

The surfactants are usually aggressive towards the capsule. The problem with surfactants is that they extract the perfumes contained in the capsules.

This is our specialty. We are the only ones who have been able to develop this double-side technology, silicone plus aminoplasts.

How double wall microencapsulation works

We have added to this already important know-how a new process particularly well suited to the cosmetic industry which was developed at MCT in 2002, under the leadership of its sales director, to introduce the company into this market.
With the help of Anvar, a vast research project on encapsulation with silicone polymers has been undertaken with the intention of achieving a quality that meets many requirements.
Discover all the fields of application of microencapsulation.

Discover all the fields of application microencapsulation works