Mixed microencapsulation: a method that protects the active ingredients

  • “Mixed” microencapsulation is a process of mixing capsules of different diameters. The larger diameters will release their fragrance in a very mechanical way, disintegrating into pieces, destroying the wall of the capsule created. The small diameter capsules can release their contents through permeation. This means that they are not waterproof and let the fragrance escape for a certain period of time, which can be adjusted.
  • As the term indicates, mixed means that different methods are combined; we use our know-how for this.
  • This process for liquid detergents and softeners is carried out in two stages: the first consists of making large-diameter microcapsules, and the second of making very small-diameter microcapsules. These two productions are then mixed in adequate proportions to meet the needs of the customers

The main benefits of such a process in detergent products

  • Mixed encapsulation ensures a better performance of the fragrance release process in the world of detergents and softeners, as well as good reproducibility. This technology is reserved for special applications, when customers require a prolonged release of the fragrance over time.
  • Initially we used synthetic microparticles, which we later improved according to the new European standards for microencapsulation, by inserting biodegradable polymers, reducing the toxicity of the products to a minimum and profoundly modifying the classic formula.
  • Polymers are often used in this process, in conjunction with the active ingredient, which is the fragrance of the detergent or softener.
  • Our microencapsulation methods favour changes in diameter that play on the release of the fragrances trapped inside. The release of the fragrance will then take place according to the different diameters of the microcapsules, thereby providing the effect that our customers seek.
  • Our mixed microencapsulation formulas improve bioavailability, while protecting the active ingredient, i.e. the fragrance, in order to prevent its ageing over time. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can control the release of this fragrance in a delayed, slow or prolonged manner.