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We have Capsule Application Formulas in various specialized fields such as the fixation of microcapsules on textiles, paper and their use in detergents and sprayable formulas, sprayable manually or with the help of machines.

In these areas, we can provide technical support and assistance from our laboratory to users.

Contribution: protection of fragile ingredients, the long-lasting effect and enhanced efficiency of perfumes in detergents.
This reduces the harmfulness, the toxicity of the encapsulated products. Examples: phytosanitary products. Once encapsulated they are much less harmful to users.

It is recompensed by avoiding the loss of ⅔ of the products. It is the case in the detergents products and for perfuming premises or the deodorization of the premises or textiles because it is only when the staff is in the room and breaks these capsules mechanically (by walking on it for example or creasing the linen) that the perfume can be released.


Quality and reliability are our main concerns

  • Our entire company is organized around quality
  • The quality of the products is always checked and an analysis sheet is issued for each product sold. Batches of raw materials are tracked, and each batch change is noted and its effect analyzed.
  • We support you with all the analysis sheets.
  • All manufacturing processes are described in the quality workbook.
  • Our results are reproducible: the quality of our productions is very followed.
  • All results are archived, kept and can be consulted at any time by you.
Microencapsulation Phytosanitary

Our gelatin microcapsules allowed us to develop phytosanitary applications for our capsules. Insecticides, disinfectants, anti-lice or anti-mosquitoes, we have a wide range of achievements.

Microsencapsulation Nutrition

We manufacture dietary microcapsules for the microencapsulation of fragile products such as essential oils, flavors or more broadly, dietary supplements..

Microencapsulation Paper

Carbonless paper is a flagship application of our microcapsules. We have extended their scope of application to all types of paper, cardboard, and also to the manufacture of tissue or any paper carriers or non-woven paper..

Microencapsulation perfume

Our formaldehyde-free microcapsules are ideal for microencapsulation of perfume. Used for the manufacture of detergents, softeners, or other cleaners it allows a saving of 75% of the perfume..

Microencapsulation Textile

The silicone microcapsules for cosmeto-textile use are our specialty. They offer an ultra-hold and excellent resistance to washing. They allow to fix the active ingredients on tights, panties or underwear.

Microencapsulation Cosmetics

Our Microsil® microcapsules have been specially designed for the cosmetic industry and allow the encapsulation of lipophilic and hydrophilic active ingredients. Our double-sided microcapsules are ideal for shampoos and other cleansing formulas.

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