Our research and formulas in the microencapsulation of detergents and softeners

  • Our team of finders specialising in encapsulation is focused on liquid detergents and softeners. We are perfectly familiar with the world of production and industry, this is the sector we come from. Our research phase is quite short, as the industrial sector is currently the largest part of our customer base.
  • We take care to meet each customer’ expectations and demands, while guaranteeing their production. All our research aimed at improving our technologies for detergents and softeners seek to achieve optimal product quality and preserved properties.
  • Our technical teams’ strength is monitoring production quality and this is a constant focus in our production lines.
  • We specialise in reproducing the customer’s process; we are therefore respectful of the formulas and processes approved by our customers.
  • Our speciality: Reproducing the customer’s process. This is the basis for the work in our laboratories, whether on traditional or more complex chemical processes.
  • We comply with the formulas and processes approved by our customers.
  • What we offer: state-of-the-art, high-performance technologies in various microencapsulation processes for liquid detergents and softeners.
  • Thanks to our 40 years of experience in microencapsulation, we can choose and refine our technologies using ingredients with highly sought-after properties, such as biodegradable or bio-sourced microcapsules.
  • We also update old formulas that have become obsolete by adding our research and new technologies to obtain our own formulation.
  • Every day we are creating new possibilities for improvement, and all our technologies are now guaranteed formaldehyde-free.


The microencapsulation of a fragrance in a liquid detergent or softener keeps it active for much longer.
It also reduces the amount of fragrance used because the microcapsule is deposited directly on the fabric in the washing machine.

The numerous properties of microcapsules in the area of detergents

  • Our area of expertise is the encapsulation of liquid detergents and softeners, but also other areas such as perfumes, cosmetics, paper, textiles, phytosanitary and food products.
  • We have combined several technologies such as the polymerization of silicones, polyurethanes and melamines in order to best meet all of our customers’ needs.
  • Our focus on the area of laundry detergents allows us to minimise the use of formaldehyde or even eliminate it and to move towards bio-degradable products.
  • The machines and materials we use for encapsulation enable us to produce particles with a diameter between 1μ and 50μ.
    In addition, our know-how and our many areas of expertise are certified by our laboratory.
  • We ensure that our microcapsules are as transparent as possible in order to avoid possible traces of detergent or softener on the laundry during washing.
  • We guarantee products of lower toxicity according to customer demand, basing our research on biodegradable microcapsules.
  • We use various processes on our premises and have a very good knowledge of complex coacervation, which we generally use in phytosanitary and detergent products.
  • We combine this technology with the polymerisation of synthetic resins when necessary, while remaining biodegradable.
  • But we can also carry out in situ, interfacial microencapsulation, which can be followed by a spray-drying process.
  • We have significantly increased our production capacity in recent years to meet the growing demand for detergents.

Our improvements and reformulation for optimal microcapsules

  • We have numerous areas of application and the different encapsulation techniques make it possible to release the fragrances and the oil present in the capsules to effectively clean or to perfume, while preserving the environment.
  • This applies to detergents and softeners but also cleaning products, shampoos, food supplements, and many other products requiring encapsulation of active ingredients.
  • Encapsulation therefore mainly involves lipophilic ingredients, a fatty phase that is dispersed in the water in a first step.
  • In addition to lipophilic ingredients, we are also working on the encapsulation of hydrophilic ingredients, a technology that is more limited given that the continuous phase is greasy, and is therefore difficult to eliminate.
  • All our formulas applied in the field of laundry detergents and softeners ensure not only the protection of the fragile ingredients, but also their duration over time and their effectiveness.
  • Our laboratory research on microencapsulation enables us to apply a variety of methods in cleaning products, especially detergents and softeners, by solving problems with different formulas, some of which must be bactericidal, others with a 100% biodegradable concept, or to extend the effectiveness of these products’ fragrance over time.
  • Our finders are also working to further develop biodegradable microencapsulation to comply with legislation, which is becoming more and more restrictive, and also to preserve nature..
  • We also have great expertise in the microencapsulation of essential oils.