Microsil® microcapsules, whose walls are made of silicone copolymers, have been specially designed for this industry.
All the tests, carried out in the most difficult version (cationic microcapsules containing an organic solution of caffeine) by a recognized laboratory, show an excellent acceptance by the skin and a toxicology without reproach allowing to consider them as hypoallergenic.

They can be of anionic charge (Type s and IS) or cationic charge (Type SK and ISK)
In dry form they are easily incorporated into make-up compositions.

Lipophilic active ingredients :

  • UV filters
  • Retinol
  • Oils of borage, shea butter, Aloe Vera etc…

Special dye solutions for care products, lotions and creams, shampoos, shower gels, deodorants, etc.

Hydrophilic actives :

  • DHA
  • Xylitol
  • Peptides
  • IS-DHA

Microcapsules St and Sc :

Obtained by a double encapsulation technology patented in early 2015, formaldehyde free, these microcapsules are resistant to surfactants such as present in shampoos and other cleaning formulas. They are intended only for lipophilic active ingredients.