Microcapsule Prototype Production

We regularly produce microcapsule samples suitable for specific uses for testing by our customers or future customers.

These microcapsule samples are manufactured in our laboratory in quantities ranging from 100 milliliters to a few kilograms.

These prototypes of microcapsules can even be followed by small productions that we can produce for you at our factory – starting from 30 kilos.

To better serve you, we have specially developed several machines at our premises.

We Can Effectively Become Your Private Research Laboratory

We are keen on the precision and the respect of processes and we can guarantee continuous production.


We can develop precise specifications for you and also maintain them in our production processes. Moreover, we can provide a quality guarantee to meet your specifications. This comes naturally to us, since it is the heart of our business.

This is also one of the good reasons mentioned by our recurring customers seeking to maintain high-quality standards.

And that’s also why we build lasting relationships with our customers.

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