Over 10,000 Laboratory Tests Done to Date

In our laboratory we have conducted over 10,000 laboratory tests.

At this point, we perfectly understand what we need to work on and how to get results quickly for virtually every request from our customers.

We can also tell you which research areas should be disregarded.

Our processes are constantly improving because we never stop seeking excellence. We are always working on new formulas as soon as we have new ideas or new products that may interest you.

Biodegradability: Biodegradable or Non-Biodegradable Microcapsules

Researchers on our team have been producing biodegradable capsules for over 40 years. Not surprisingly, we know this problem inside out because it is a subject that drives all research done conscientiously.

These biodegradable capsules are used for phytosanitary purposes in fields when it is necessary to spread microcapsules in nature to cure plants. They can also be used to feed farmed fish or to cure them.

The Performance of Biodegradable Capsules

These capsules can be used for detergents or cosmetics. It must be said that, in this context, they will not have the same performance as our standard capsules. If one wants to make biodegradable products, the quality must be lowered because the aging resistance of such capsules is necessarily lower than the standard capsules.

Biodegradable Microcapsule in Detergents and Softeners

These microcapsules contain fragrances that are not completely biodegradable. The use of microcapsules in detergent products makes these fragrances cling to clothing; therefore, these microcapsules allow making significant savings in the amounts of perfume during their use. They are extremely beneficial to nature even if not biodegradable themselves.

These varied microcapsules allow great savings of active ingredients in many applications.

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