Microencapsulation perfume

We do not make perfume.

We can offer you a wider range of perfume.
We are able to work with many perfumers. We can work with all independent perfumers

Durability over time.

Lifetime of perfume multiplied several times compared to competitors and unique hanging system developed in our company and not elsewhere. The company has its own patents.

At least 75% of perfume savings.

The rate of perfume used is reduced between 20 and 25% of the amount usually used without microcapsules


This area has become very important, microcapsules are now ubiquitous in laundry, fabric softeners and other cleaners. Fixing themselves on the linen, they reduce the consumption of perfumes and give the textile a pleasant and lasting smell.
MCT patented at the beginning of 2015 a silicone / organic complex encapsulation technology with a long life in surfactants.

Microcapsules Mt are microcapsules with a very low level of formaldehyde, they are particularly suitable for textile softeners or they are very present.

St microcapsules are completely free of formaldehyde. Proposed recently, they are also suitable for liquid or powder detergents.


At the level of the detergents and softeners The perfume is released only when the garment is worn due to the movement, because by moving the capsules break.

Example in the use of liquid laundry and powder and this applies also in the case of fabric softeners.


All floor cleaning products.

In terms of floor cleaners, fragrance is only released when people pass. Same thing when the capsules break.


What works

At least the perfume persists on the garment for a minimum of 60 days while without this technology the smell of fresh or clean disappears without capsule after a few days.

This means that the perfume will be preserved and gives the microcapsules good durability over time.


A whole range of microcapsules with mechanical breakage or permeation has been developed for these use.
Spray formulas are available for public and private places.
Special interest of fully transparent permeate 8G microcapsules, applications reduced to two per week for a permanent effect.